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Hotel Lobby Hotel Post Sargans
breakfastbuffet Hotel Post
breakfastbuffet Hotel Post
breakfastbuffet Hotel Post
breakfastbuffet Hotel Post
clean and safe

The hotel lobby invites for relaxing and a cosy get together. 
There is a business corner which is free of charge a printer is also enabled. 

All rooms are 3 star superior standard.
The rooms are equipped with state of the art facilities.

- flat screens with over 130 chancels
- free Wifi in the whole building, which is also enabled for VPN connections.
- large hotel safes
- free mineral water in your room.
- if required we also have facilities for handicapped people. 
- etc.

in the morning you can expect for class of Hotel an out of the ordinary breakfast buffet with a lot of local products as well as coffee specialties, which enables you a good an quick start in the morning.                

Hotel Post Sargans AG

Bahnhofstrasse 1

7320 Sargans

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